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The Teambahia Orchestra, a group of musical stars, made its debut on July 3, 2010, at the renowned Night Club Jelly’s (Pier 50), just a few blocks from the Giants stadium in San Francisco, California. Originating as a festive celebration for the 40th birthday of the passionate promoter of Cuban music, Dj Walter, director and founder of Añejo Productions, the orchestra experienced rapid growth.

In its early years, the ensemble delighted audiences with the liveliest hits of Cuban timba at iconic venues such as Club Rocapulco, Cafe Cocomo, Club Elbo Room, Cigar Bar, the San Francisco Carnival, San Jose Jazz Festival, and others. However, in 2014, the orchestra decided to take a well-deserved hiatus.

After years of silence, the orchestra resurfaced with renewed energy on March 12, 2022, now featuring fresh additions, including my dear wife Yeny Valdes taking on the role of artist and lead singer. Dj Walter, in a generous gesture, officially handed over the name of the orchestra to us.

The revival of Yeny Valdes & Teambahia marked its triumphant return with an exciting concert at Club Antón, located in the heart of downtown Oakland, California. This event solidified the new phase of the group, carrying with it the promise to continue captivating audiences with the unmistakable fusion of rhythms that characterizes the Teambahia Orchestra.